We build stronger workplace, education, faith-based and living communities through compliance with federal and state laws, developing human resources infrastructure, resolving conflict an organization has in the community and other services. Our end goal is to build up your work, education, faith-based and living communities to function more effectively so that you are able to fulfill your intended mission and purpose.


We serve primarily small-to-medium entities and organizations throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding region. All organizational consulting services provided are based on tried-and-true human resources, diversity and inclusion and conflict resolution best practices, guided by spiritual principles that include building community through love, forgiveness and reconciliation, restoration and establishing stronger individual and group relationships.


Contact us today for the following professional services. Upon contact, we will come to your location to assess your needs through information gathering, observation and a questionnaire.


Human resources consultation

We provide education, training and development for leaders, teams and individual employees or members of your work or organizational community.


Assistance with developing human resources policies and procedures

Leadership development

Building stronger and effective teams

Recruiting and retaining talent

Strengthening employee engagement in your business or organization

Change Management

Coaching and Mentoring


Building inclusive and diverse communities

Customized workshops and training programs designed specifically for you.

Intercultural Communications

Coaching and mentoring across cultures

Building bridges between cultures

Advocating for others

Building and strengthening diverse teams


Conflict resolution and mediation

As a trained mediator for the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s Early Settlement Program that has also completed the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution training, we are skilled in a variety of techniques to resolve conflict in an organization.

Federal and state employment and human resources compliance consultation

Management audit of existing policies and procedures

Assistance with development of compliant policies and procedures

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